Seven Steps To Set Up a Blogger Blogspot Blog

1.  Go to the web site On the right hand side of the page, about half way down you will see a blue box that says, “Sign Up,” (see Figure 1). In the corresponding blanks, enter a username and password for yourself. Confirm your password.

NOTE: Remember your username and password. Write them down if necessary.

2.  In the next screen enter your first and last name and your email address. Then click the link to read the Terms of Service, and click the checkbox indicating that you have. After entering this information, you will return to the home page as a logged in user.  

3.  On the right hand side of the home page you will see a blue box that says, “Your Blogs,” (See Figure 2). To start your blog, click where it says “Create a new blog” in the blue box. After your blog has been created, you will return here to update it. 

4.  You are now at a screen that prompts you to enter a title and brief description of your blog, (See Figure 3). Also it will ask you if you want this to be a public blog. Enter your title, enter your description, choose public or not, click next. A “public blog” will be listed in the Blogger directory and might appear on the recently updated list on the home page. If you choose no, your “Private Blog” will still be viewable to anyone on the internet. 

5.  You are now given the option of hosting your blog at Blogspot or using Blogger to update a website hosted elsewhere, (See Figure 4). Make sure that “Host it at Blogspot.” Is selected and click next. 

6.  Now you will choose an address for your blog and agree to the Blogspot terms of service, (See Figure 5). It would be a good idea to use the same address as the title you chose in step (4.) 

NOTE: The address for your blog will follow the form:
Remember this address. Write it down if necessary.
The address for this set of instructions is Enter the address you would like to use in the appropriate blank, click the checkbox next to “I accept the Blogspot terms of service” and click next. 

7.  This screen offers you a selection of eight templates for your blog. (See Figure 6). The template determines what your website will look like. Select one of the templates and click “Finished.” Select one of these eight right now, but you can change at any time to one of the many other templates available or even create a custom one of your own.  


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